(gumball is walking through the school hallway when i fades away to reveal a dark cave)

voices : kill for me , kill for me , kill for me , kill for me , kill for me , kill for me , kill for me , kill for me , kill for me , kill for me , kill for me , kill for me

(gumball wakes up in his bed screaming)

darwin : dude , wake up , you're having another nightmare

nicole : that's the 5th time this week

darwin : what is it with you and these nightmares

gumball : i don't know , i just keep hearing somebody telling me to kill for them

darwin: hm, maybe I could enter in your dreams and see what's going on

Gumball: yeah, but we probably have to go to school.

(in the morning)

(gumball and darwin are at school)

darwin : how ya feelin'

gumball : i'm alright

darwin: that's good.

Gumball: anways, *shows darwin* this is the hallway that I was in in my dream and there was a cave I heard voice's from. . .

darwin : weird , did you see the guy who said what they said

gumball : no , but it sounded very monstrous

darwin : creepy

Gumball: yeah, makes my fur stand on end just thinking about it *shudders folding arms*

miss simian : what are you 2 doing out here

gumball : uhhh , learning

darwin : gumball's having these dreams and he's describing his most recent dream

miss simian : nice nice , now GET BACK TO CLASS

they rush back to class in a hurry*

Penny: *whispers to gumball* hi gumball, hows it going

Gumball: oh hey penny, I'm doing fine, I keep having these nightmares. . .

penny : that's horrible

Gumball: yeah, I keep hearing these voices, like, " Kill for me" over and over and over. . . I don't know why . . I've alway's had them

darwin : actually , he's had them all week

gumball : SAME THING

darwin : ok , ok , take it easy

Tobias: I'm having a pool party tomorrow, you should stop by.

Darwin: Gumball, that's what you need, something to take your mind off the situation.

Miss Simian falls asleep*

Miss Simian: hello, is someone there? *is suddenly dragged out of the class and strapped to a wall where a shadowy figure walks up and cuts her open*

after school that night*

Darwin: ok . . .it's time for bed.

Gumball: yeah. I'll be looking forward to that party

they sleep*

gumball has another nightmare and is strapped to a stairwell by heated chains , and the shadowy figure that killed miss simian , and walks in to the light , revealing itself to be oderus urungus*

gumball : darwin , help

oderus : DARWIN CAN'T HELP YOU NOW , i need you , gumball , we got special work to do here , you and me , you got the body *grabs the back of his head* i got the brain *rips off the top of his head , and laughs maniacally*

gumball wakes up screaming in his bed*


gumball : i saw him

darwin : who

gumball : the figure that's been haunting my dreams

darwin : what did he look like

gumball : he looked like a demon , he had a googly eyed creature dangling from his crotch , and was wearing spiked shoulder pads , a chestplate that looked like a demon , spiked wrist gauntlets , and monster-like ankle gauntlets , and he was holding a 10 foot sword

darwin : scary

Gumball: yeah, when will this ever stop? *sigh's*

darwin : well , we'll worry about it tomorrow night , back to bed

gumball : i guess you're right

(the boys go back to bed)

(the next morning)

darwin : how ya doin'

gumball : fine

(later at the party)

(gumball and darwin are in tobias' room)

(gumball begins shaking)

gumball : DARWIN

darwin : dude , are you ok

gumball : something's happening

(oderus urungus's gauntlet spikes begin tearing out of his wrists , and his sword tears through his palms , and oderus tears out of gumball's body)

darwin : SOMEBODY HELP (rushes out the door as gumball appears , looking at oderus' reflection in the mirror and flees)


darwin : BEDROOM , GUMBALL , DEMON , RIP OUT OF HIM (passes out)

teri : that kid has problems

(oderus breaks through the floor and wreaks havoc on the party , claiming the lives of many as many attempt to escape , but are hindered by the gates suddenly being 1000 degrees fahrenheit , and fires appearing all around the pool area)

(meanwhile , in the house)

(tobias' father gets out a shotgun)

(back at the chaos scene)

banana joe : hey , just calm down , man , relax , yeah , it's gonna be alright , nobody's gonna hurt , just tell us what you want , alright , i'm here to help you

oderus : help yourSELF F***ER (slices his abdomen and throws him in to a fire , then turns back to the partiers) you are all my prey now

(tobias' father rushes toward the scene and fires the shotgun , but hits a bowl instead)

(oderus leaves the scene and phases through a gate , with a fire appearing where he was)

tobias' father : where'd he go

(darwin wakes up)

darwin : whah , uh GUYS , A DEMON BROKE OUT OF GUMBALL AND IS ABOUT TO ATTACK THE PARTY (notices oderus already went through) oh , i see he already did , which way did he go

(the crowd points to where oderus left)

(darwin rushes through the fence and finds gumball lying on the street)

darwin : dude , i thought you were dead

gumball : (wakes up) what happened

darwin : you know that demon you were talking about

gumball : yeah

darwin : well , it just made a mess of tobias' party

Guball: WHAT, nobody messes with my freinds party! *gets demonic power like his mom*

darwin : now hold on , you can't go in alone , i'm going with you

richard : yeah , us too

gumball :where'd you guys come from

anais : we heard you guys were having trouble , so we came around

darwin : good , we'll need all the help we can get

Richard, Nicole, Gumball, Darwin and Anais go to get the badguy for ruining the party*


darwin : you said this guy was haunting your dreams right

gumball : yeah

darwin : that means we have to enter the dream world to find him

Gumball: ok

they go into dream world*

Gumball: ok, were in, now where is he?

(the wattersons suddenly find themselves under attack by the hounds of tindalos)

darwin : what are those things

gumball : minions of that guy , no doubt

Darwin: how do we beat them?

gumball : i don't know

anais : wait , we're in the dream world , right

everybody except anais and the hounds : yeah

anais : so , we have to use our imaginations

Gumball: Imagines being a giant and is a giant and is about to crush the dogs when the hounds hear something and run off*

Darwin: What just happened

Anais: Something called them

Gumball *returns to normal size* I think they went that way

they go off to where they went*

darwin : does anybody see where they are

Gumall: I don't

anais : we'll just have to follow the sounds

richard : wait , if we're gonna do this , we have to do it in style

(the wattersons conjure forms for themselves)

darwin : i am , the wizard master

anais : brain girl reporting

richard : mr. gelatinous

nicole : anger the barbarian

gumball : and mr. gum , now , let's save our world

darwin , anais , richard , and nicole : RIGHT

gumball , darwin , anais , richard , and nicole : FOR THE WORLD

they go follow the sounds*

gumball : i think i see something

darwin : what is it

gumball : it looks like , a throne

darwin : that must be where that guy is

they go up to the throne*

(they make it)

oderus : ahh , i see you've made it to my little base


oderus : i have many names , the irish kid , the immortal corruptor , but you , my acquaintances , may call me , oderus urungus

darwin : if you're immortal , then why are you a ghost

oderus : it's rather simple actually , just recently , i had been abducted by the insidious mr. perfect , who proceeded to steal my immortality and impale me with my own sword , but he could not destroy my spirit , after my death ,  my body was sent back in time to the 5th annual GWAR-B-Q , and given a viking funeral , from there , i ascended in to valhalla and claimed that realm as my own , but it wasn't enough , my desire to destroy the human race still burned , so , i travelled back to earth and entered the dream world to find a worth vessel from which i could conducted , and that vessel happened to be you (points to gumball) , gumball watterson

darwin : and what about those dogs

oderus : oh , you mean the hounds of tindalos , well , shortly after i entered the dream world , i encountered them , i killed their leader and took over the pack , now , they work for me , now , it's time for you all to face my wrath

they attack him*

oderus : now , we're getting somewhere , except for 1 thing

(gumball suddenly turns around , he tries to turn back , but fails to do so)

gumball : what's happening to me

oderus : i still have control of your body , you should've done my work when you had the chance (forces gumball in to a strained position) , it is impossible for you to fight your way out of my grip , i control every muscle , every bone in your body

gumball : guys , help me , i can't control my limbs

oderus : destroy your family

gumball : guys , run

(oderus forces gumball to attack his family)

darwin : what are you doing , man

gumball : he's making me attack you guys against my will

Darwin: *runs* by gumball. . . lets get out everyone.

anais : what , we can't leave him behind , we won't leave any1 behind

oderus : you know , i'm really glad you said that , because i also brought along a friend from asgard

(loki , the norse god of mischief appears)

oderus : wattersons , loki , loki , wattersons

Darwin: why not leave Anais, if we don't leave he's gonna kill us!

Gumball: it's true, AND I DON'T WANT TO KILL MY BUDDY *cries*

loki : (sarcastically) very touching

oderus : oh well , time to die

(the hounds of tindalos appear and attack richard and nicole)

(oderus fades from his postion , and gumball painfully transforms into him)

gumball : it's happening again , HELP

oderus : (laughs cruelly) there's no more room for you

darwin : gumball , you have to fight him

oderus : gumball cannot hear you , i am gumball now (kicks darwin in the groin)

Darwin: *squeaks in pain and falls on back screaming holding groin*

(meanwhile , in the waking world)

(penny recieves a phone call)

penny : hello

oderus : i'm your boyfriend now , penny

(oderus's hand bursts out of the phone and pulls penny in to the phone , then in to the dream world)

penny : what happened , where am i , and why is darwin on the floor

loki : let's just say it's about to get bloody for you

richard : not on mr. gelatinous' watch (belly flops loki before being kicked away by oderus)

darwin : i won't let this go on (gets up and zaps 1 of the hounds , which retreats) in the name of lowrek , prince of elves , demon be gone (zaps oderus , who proceeds to grab darwin by the tail)

oderus : sorry , kid , i don't believe in fairy tales


oderus : (throws darwin at penny) try me

Nicole: oh, i will

Darwin: me too

they attack him hard*

oderus : i see you've improved , allow me to introduce you to another friend i made in valhalla (snaps his fingers , and zach appears)

zach : hey dorks , remember me

darwin : now he has zach too

zach : that's right , and zach's gonna turn your world upside down , yo (he and oderus fist bump)

darwin : bring it

zach : oh , it's brung

Darwin: you're going down

Zach: in your dreams, salt breath

Darwin: *attacks Zach*

oderus : you kids have fun , i'll deal with mama big mouth over here

Nicole: HEY! YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT *attacks him like crazy like an angry cat*

oderus : fiesty , just like the destructos , but you lack the ill will (kicks nicole in the face)

Nicole: *dodges and attacks with club*

oderus : you're not the only 1 with a weapon (unsheaths his sword , unt lick) now , who's laughing

they start fighting*

the enemies are being beaten up*

oderus : how does this catch your fancy (pulls out orbs which contain the souls of several of the watterson's friends) soon , you'll be joining your friends here

penny : why isn't gumball involved in this

darwin : oh yeah , about that , the guy who dragged you in here kinda absorbed him or something

oderus : WRONG , i'm him , now

they attacking*

penny : come on , gumball , you have to fight him

oderus : he can't fight me , i'm him

gumball : (from within oderus) penny

penny : gumball

gumball : help me

penny : come on , come back to me

oderus : no , gumball's dead

Penny: LIAR *fire in eye's and tries to get him back growing huge*

oderus : loki , tindalos hounds , take out the trash

giant penny tries to crush the hounds*

(a hound bites penny's wrist , and penny returns to normal size)

oderus : wanna deal with this face to face , huh , well , HOW 'BOUT IT

penny : gumball , i know you're in there , stop him

oderus : oh no no , gumball's dead

penny : gumball

(oderus prepares to strike her with unt lick)

gumball : (from within oderus) penny

penny : i love you gumball

(oderus begins trembling and bleeding as he is losing control of gumball)

penny : i am not afraid of you

(oderus laughs evilly)

penny : he's in there , and i want him back , and i'm gonna take him , and you are gonna go , STRAIGHT BACK TO H*LL YOU SON OF A B*TCH

oderus : no , gumball's dead

penny : come back to me gumball , i love you , come back to me

oderus : he's dead

penny : he can't hold you , gumball , he's losing his grip , you can get out

(oderus strikes his sword , but penny grabs his wrist)

oderus : he'll die with me 

(penny takes the sword out of oderus' hands)

oderus : he'll die with both of us

(penny kisses oderus , making him totally lose control of gumball , then oderus shoves penny off of him and wails in pain)

Darwin: whoa, that was awesome penny!

oderus : you may have won this battle , but GWAR will destroy the human race 1 day

(oderus , loki , the hounds of tindalos , and zach return to valhalla)

they all go home to wake part*

(meanwhile , in valhalla , oderus lets out a evil laugh)

epilogue :

I lie awake and dread the lonely nights

I'm not alone

I wonder if these heavy eyes

Could face the unknown

When I close my eyes I realize

You'll come my way

I'm standing in the night alone

Forever together

We're the dream warriors

Don't wanna dream no more

We're the dream warriors

And maybe tonight

Maybe tonight you'll be gone

I feel the touch comin' over me

I can't explain

I hear the voices callin' out

Callin' my name

It's the same desire to feel the fire

That's comin' your way

I'm standing in the night alone

Forever together

We're the dream warriors

Don't wanna dream no more

We're the dream warriors

Maybe tonight you'll be gone

We're the dream warriors

Ain't gonna dream no more

And maybe tonight

Maybe tonight you'll be gone

Sweet revenge, the bitter end

This time

Break the spell of illusion

Bound together waiting for you

Dream warriors

Don't wanna dream no more

We're the dream warriors

Maybe tonight you'll be gone

We're the dream warriors

Ain't gonna dream no more

We're the dream warriors

And maybe tonight

Maybe tonight you'll be gone

Dream warriors

Maybe tonight you'll be gone

Dream warriors, forever

Dream warriors

Maybe tonight you'll be gone

Dream warriors