in chicago , gor gor (or so it seems) appears and lays waste to the city , later that day , the citizens of chicago appear on GWAR's doorstep , accusing gor gor of destroying chicago , but GWAR says that gor gor's been in the fortress the whole time , the citizens give GWAR a chance to prove the crackosaur's innocence , but warn him that if gor gor really was the culprit , they'll be paying for the damages , so once the citizens leave , GWAR boards the helechopper and flies to los angelas , where gor gor reappears and begins a rampage , with GWAR trying to call him off , but failing miserably , a 2nd gor gor appears and the 2 begin to fight , the 2nd gor gor begins ripping off pieces of the 1st gor gor's flesh , revealing it to be a robot , to the surprise of GWAR , after a 3rd piece is ripped off , the creature burns off it's disguise , revealing it's true form , now known as mecha gor gor , a massive robot armed with advanced weaponry , gor gor and mecha gor gor continue their bout , with mecha gor gor severely wounding gor gor , as the robot prepares to kill gor gor , pustulus throws a spear in the robot's eye , distorienting the robot long enough for gor gor to rise up and gain the upper hand , gor gor defeats mecha gor gor and dismantles the robot , then roars in victory , with everything set straight , GWAR and gor gor return to antarctica