When the helechopper breaks down over Arizona, GWAR pays a visit to the city of Aberdale to find tools to fix it. In town, they meet Mel Sumowski, father of Sumo, who is excited by their prescence, as he is a HUGE fan of GWAR. He invites them to his house. Later, Mel comes home and introduces his family to the members of GWAR. Right about then, Clarence and Jeff come over, having heard about Sumo having visitors, but are quickly paralyzed with fear at the realization that Sumo's visitors are monsters from outer space, but are persuaded by Mel to shake hands with the GWARriors. They reluctantly do so, but Clarence thinks they're "sort of cool" and Jeff thinks they're "unmannerly like horrifying" and Sumo thinks they're like somebody took a monster movie and a viking movie and mashed them into one, but is familiar with them since his father is a fan of theirs. The next day, Mel appears at Aberdale Elementary and introduces GWAR to the students and staff there. The students and staff are petrified, and GWAR seizes upon the opportunity of an easy meal, and slaughter the students and staff as Mel and Sumo watch on in excitement and Clarence and Jeff watch on in horror. When Jeff berates GWAR for killing everybody in the school, they capture him, Clarence, AND Sumo. Balsac bites Jeff's head off and Blothar lobotomizes Sumo and disembowels Clarence. GWAR gets the tools to fix their ship, fixes it, and flies off.